BMW 325is Evo 1 Review - Flat-out on track in the original Gusheshe

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Hello! Ciro here. So this was a dream come true, finally, finally, finally getting to drive the SentiMetal BMW 325is Evo 1. And I got to do it on track, which is fitting as this is one of the most iconic motorsport homologation specials ever produced in South Africa.

The 325is is now a living legend. With an engine tuned by Alpina, lightweight aluminium panels, the suspension from the BMW E30 M3 and more power from its stroked 2.7-litre inline-6 motor, the car has become known affectionately as "The Gusheshe" - which simply means very fast.

As I found out on the day, it isn't particularly fast by modern standards. But it is utterly superb to drive, offering a driving experience that is just simply not available from modern cars.

I do hope you enjoy watching me rattle on about this wonderful car. Fair warning: I get a bit emotional at the end.

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